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Here is a list of questions we have been asked in the past by prospective clients


The NUMBER ONE Question is:

What tech support do you offer?


We are the ONLY Photo Booth Manufacturer in the USA or Canada that offers tech support 7 days a week from 8am to 3am eastern time!!

ALL of the other companies offer tech support from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday but when you need it most at the weekends they are not available!


AND, we even log into your booth at your event and can fix any problem remotely in seconds!!

How is that for tech support!


1. What is the warranty on the booth?

ALL other manufacturers of photo booths have the SAME warranty which is 1 year manufacturer warranty on the parts - the parts of the photo booth meaning the printer, the camera etc - guess what it is USELESS!!! Because if a part like the printer breaks down or the camera you would expect the company you purchased the booth from to help you - no they will not!

When you call them and say - my printer blew up or the camera will not work or the computer has crashed they ALL tell you to call the manufacturer of that part and they cannot and will not help you further - this means you now have to cancel probably about 2 weeks events and lose money while you ship your faulty part back to California or wherever the factory that made the printer is or whatever part went wrong to them and wait for 2-4  weeks while its repaired and sent back to you under the years manufacturers warranty they give you when you buy a booth from them!

That is USELESS!

What does SnapFlash offer under the warranty?

Something AMAZING and at NO COST to you!

IF any part of your SnapFlash booth fails in the first 12 months we will ship a BRAND NEW part to you whether its a printer, camera, flash, or any part and it will get to you within 24-48 hours delivered to your door!

Then you will call us and we will log into your booth from our office and configure and help you replace the faulty part!

We will arrange to pick up the faulty part from you at no cost to you!

It gets BETTER!

We will not return your part repaired under warranty - we let you KEEP the brand new part no questions asked and there is MORE!

Whatever part we replace we will RESTART the warranty on that part and give you a brand new 12 month warranty!!



Peace of mind that you will never have to cancel events and lose money EVER!


2. What does it cost me to run the photo booth - printing costs etc?

It costs only about 18 dollars per 4 hour event in printing costs - about 110 sessions per 4 hours!


3. What ink and paper does the printer take and how much does it cost?

The printer does not take ink cartridges - it is a dye sub printer that uses ink film thermally pressed onto the photo roll, which is instant dry, and is far better quality than ink jet or other printers using ink cartridges!

The cost of a box of two rolls and two film carts is only about $250 and that will give you 1,400 prints - enough for about 11-12 4 hour events!


4. Do you have to remove the printer to put a new roll and film in like some other photo booths out there?

No, you do not, you simply pull down the front door and insert the new film and paper in the booth


5. Do i have to painstakingly have to remove the printer every time I transport it?

Not at all, you simply leave it in the booth fully loaded with paper and film and tighten the transportation straps and you are good to go!


7. How about the camera - how often do I need to charge the battery etc?

The camera does not run on a battery!

The camera runs on internal power supply and you never have to charge a battery!


8. Does it come with a laptop?

NO absolutely not, that is the worst thing you could have built in photo booth, because not only is it cumbersome and hard to operate between one screen to another, there is no place or space to put a laptop in a portable booth therefore some booth manufacturers say you remove it when you go from event to event!

How ridiculous is this?

Would you remove your car engine every time you went from place to place?

When you remove a cumbersome cheap laptop then you are unplugging cords over and over and eventually those connections will become worn and loose and cause you problems.

Our photo booths have a built in hard wired non removable CPU unit.


9. How easy is the software that comes with it to operate and are there any upgrade fees?

Great question!

Many photo booth manufacturers - about 90% use Breeze software which we personally think is cheap and very hard to use, as is DSLR Pro or any other cheaper software.

With our software you design the templates and alter names INSIDE the software itself with no need to design in photo shop or Microsoft paint and drag files over to folders and test which takes so long!

Breeze and other software charge you upgrade fees!

We do not - upgrades are FREE for life!

Other software charges you $25 or more to add upgrades to the software - over 2 years this could be as much as 200 dollars!

With our software you can do things on the fly, and change the strip names in less than 20 seconds!


10. How long does it take to set up the entire booth?

Once you wheel it into the venue, about 5 minutes!


You wheel it in on tip wheels, unlock 4 catches, place the top half on the bottom case, then thread 3 cables through a port hole and plug into the wall, switch on one switch in the booth, and guess what - that is it!

The booth boots up automatically straight into the software ready to go!

The only other set up is placing the curtain frame on the top.

In an amazing 3-5 minutes you can have our photo booth set up ready to start!!!!

Now that IS amazing and SO simple!


11. Can it print different sizes of paper and styles and templates?

Yes absolutely it prints;

2x6 strips cut automatically into two copies

4x6 single or double or triple or however many copies you want.

5x7 format

6x8 format

And it takes about 14 seconds to print and eject the prints into the tray!


12. Is the curtain structure made of plastic pipes or things like other manufactures do?

NO absolutely not!


Yes we have seen them, and know who they have to construct a frame out of plastic water piping with about 40 pieces which takes forever and ever - about 25 minutes just to do that!

HOW ridiculous is that!

Our curtain structure is one frame with 2 bolts and 3 curtain rods - takes 3 minutes to set up or less!


13. How about fancy LED flashing lights on the booth?. we noticed some photo booth companies offering that to spice up the look of the booth.

LED flashing lights on a booth?

No but we could fit them if you wanted, but we advise against it, because not only is the photo booth a photo booth and not a DJ, but flashing lights and colored lights in our view are non productive and can put people off and annoy them...this is not about what a photo booth looks like it is how the photo booth performs and the quality it gives, and most of the time you cannot see the actual booth because it is in a corner or the curtains are masking it!

If you think people will book your photo booth based on a few flashing LED lights then you are wrong.


14. I saw a photo booth on EBay for $1500 new, and was thinking about buying one - what is that one and do you know of it?

Sure I can tell you what that is...JUNK.

What do you think you are going to get for $1500?

The proper components of a proper photo booth cost more than 1500 dollars!

Your getting a all in one touch screen computer with a built in hard drive (pity if the hard drive or monitor goes on you then you have to buy a whole new all in one)

You are getting software which is worth about 25 dollars and so low end its not worth even looking at.

Your getting a WEB CAM NIGHTMARE not even a proper camera!

Your getting the famous water pipes and stretchy material worth about $100 from Lowes;

Your getting cables and cables all loose and hanging about the place.

Your getting a cheap refurbished printer.

Your getting no guarantees;


15. We noticed another photo booth maker advertising a photo booth in two cases which is good for transport...what is your opinion on that?

We know this one too, looks like two beer coolers on wheels;

It comes ALL in parts and you have to build the cases bit by bit with hundreds or nuts, bolts, panels and that takes about 30 minutes, then you have to put all the components in, the camera, the monitor, the laptop taking another 30 minutes if you remember where what goes where and if you have not lost a part at the last event.

Then and only then if you manage to set it up and have not lost any parts from the last event you did, the seat people sit on in that booth is the two beer coolers on wheels covered with a cloth sitting about 2 feet from the ground!



16. What features besides classic photo strips does the SnapFlash Photo Booth offer?

It offers green screen

It offers video messaging with sound

It offers Facebook uploading

It offers IPAD uploading and viewing

It offers external slideshow features

It offers multiple skins and templates built in

It offers sound with your booth - upgradeable feature with two stereo speakers and volume control

It offers the ability to play music continually while the booth is in operation as background music

It offers the opportunity to customize the screen to say for example "Welcome to Brian and Tracy's Wedding" and their date!

It offers so much!


17.What is the procedure if the booth goes wrong and I need it in 3 days for an event?

We either log into the booth remotely and fix it or if it is a faulty part we ship overnight a new one to you OR we will come to you...yes we will come to you and fix it within 48 hours!


18. You offer free website design and marketing..... is this really true?

YES absolutely we offer all this and MORE!

Ask one of our past clients like Collette in Michigan for example here;


I purchased 2 SnapFlash Model 3 photo booths and I wanted to tell everyone how fantastic this company is!
My first booth came on time and was great!, and the support after it is nothing like I have ever witnessed.
My second photo booth order was amazing to say the least - the President Kevin actually delivered himself personally because he was in Michigan at the!
He came to my home and set up the photo booth and spent about 5 hours with me...totally amazing!
Since then SnapFlash Photo Booths have done something totally unexpected and beyond what I could imagine.....they actually built a website free for me and helped me with advertising free ( I was quoted about 2000 dollars by website designers just to build a website) ......I am blessed and cannot say enough words or praise that compares or describes my experience with them...totally blown away!
Contact me via the website they built for me

Collette Williams
Michigan's Fun Photo Booths


19. How many people can fit in the booth?

Its up to you......from 0 to 30 depending on the curtain set up you select.


20. Does the booth have WI FI?

Yes built in.


21. A catch with some other photo booth manufacturers is that we have to buy the photo paper from them - do we have to with yours?

NO NO NO.....this is a big no no with can purchase the paper and ink roll wherever you want and your right some other photo booths have a system where you have to insert a USB dongle to get the booth to work and it makes it that you can only buy their paper - guess what - this is daylight robbery in our opinion because they are forcing you to but this at inflated prices from them when in actual fact its YOUR booth!

Can you imagine buying a car and then being told there is a code installed that you can only buy from Sunoco all of your gas!!

RIDICULOUS to say the very least!


22. How durable is the booth?

You can drop this off a trailer or a truck and it will not damage!

Unlike other booths that are made out of flimsy Plexiglas and aluminum!


23. Can we transport it as one case or can we transport it as two separate cases?

You can transport it as two separate cases or one complete locked case.


24. Say we have 5 people in the booth and only two copies come out the booth and the other 3 people want a copy of the there any way we can make more?


Absolutely and easily with one touch!

Some other photo booths you cannot do this or have this feature but ours you can!

SIMPLY in 1 second you tap the touch screen in a secret area we have designed and every time you tap it then two more prints are printed...tap it 50 times and then 50 more will come out and you can even do this while the booth is in session with the next people inside!


25. How do we learn how to use it and set it up...we noticed one photo booth company offers that they will do onsite training - come to our location and teach us how to set it up and work you offer this? the booth they are selling you must be awfully complicated to set up and work if they have to fly there to show you how to plug it in and switch on the switch?

Our booths are so simple to operate that a 10 year old could set one up.

We we will call you when it is delivered, then remotely log into the booth and show you the adjustments and how to easily alter the templates and then we offer unlimited tutorials for as long as you want lasting 1 hour at a  time to show you more and more features and we actually watch you make adjustments remotely and teach you.

Support is unlimited for life and available from 8am to 2am 7 days a week with a live person and not a recording!( you read it right - 8am in the morning to 2 am in the early hours - not even Microsoft offers that!)


26. Do you have any references of past clients that have purchased from you that we can contact as we have asked other companies and they are reluctant to share that information?


Take a look at the references on  the homepage and if you need more let us know