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Company Staff Directory


Kevin Colangelo

Chairman and CEO

Kristin Confer

Operations Director of Sales

David Vincent

Production Director

Gemma Vincent

Director of Marketing and Accounting

Neil Cowley

Web Design/Client Website Integration

Meghan Lottie

Production and Line Scheduling

Stefanie Graham

Assistant Sales Director

Adam Larosa

Manager of Production


Production Facility Address
SnapFlash Photo Booths LLC
11 Madison Boulevard
Bay 4 - 5
New York 13032
315 875 5243
315 875 5343
FAX LINE 888 294 0430
TOLL FREE 888 364 2735

Shop Floor


Terry Clark

Main Technician


William Glennon



Austin Mitchell



Alan Carter

Production Line Manager


Andrew Edwards

Shipping Schedules


Gary Fitzsimmons

International Sales and Marketing


We also would like to mention our production and build staff


Johnny, Daryl, TKO, David, Robert, Janice, Sarah, RJ, Lakeisha, Yanni, Trevor, Amy and DK, Willie, Andrew, Bobby, Marlon


Looking to start a photo booth business?
There are many ways to start your photo booth business, and the best start is to consider not price but quality and durability and service.
Buying a photo booth can be a harrowing experience as there are many so called photo booth makers out there of which many are building them in home garages and sheds and flooding the market with inferior low quality photo booths.
You are investing many thousands in your photo booth and when you purchase a photo booth you need to be sure you are receiving the service after the ale and also the service back up and technical support.
SnapFlash Photo Booths excels in that area as witnessed in our client reviews.
Your photo booth business starts here at SnapFlash Photo Booths!
We look forward to welcoming you into the SnapFlash Photo Booth family!